Total Fire Protection

One Call. One Company. Associated Fire Protection eliminates the need to contact multiple service companies by offering total fire protection. We design, install and inspect all types of fire protection systems.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems offer 24-hour protection. In addition to wet sprinkler systems, AFP works on dry systems, foam, pre-action, and deluge systems. We also perform performance tests on fire pumps and backflow preventers.

Special Hazards

Protect high-value assets with carbon dioxide, FM-200, Novec, or water mist. AFP will work with you to determine what agent will work best for you.

Fire Extinguishers – Testing and Inspection

A key component of any life safety strategy, fire extinguishers can contain fires before they get out of hand. We offer testing and inspection of all types of fire extinguishers and wheeled units.