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Facility managers of healthcare facilities face several challenges when it comes to fire protection:

  • Finding qualified vendors that can work on all of their fire protection equipment
  • Documentation – The Joint Commission
  • Response Time



Health care facilities often have a multitude of complex fire protection systems under one roof. Finding a vendor with the technical expertise to work on all of these systems can be challenging. That is why AFP has technicians that work are trained to work on a variety of different fire protection systems including fire alarm, fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and special hazard fire protection (clean agent, kitchen suppression). Facilities managers only have to make one call for all of their fire protection needs eliminating the need for multiple service companies.


AFP understands that obtaining and maintaining the Joint Commission accreditation is very important and can be difficult and challenging task. That is why have created customized inspection reports to meet the documentation requirements outlined in EC.02.03.05. Additionally, all work history, inspection dates, inspection reports, invoices and other information is stored in our customer extranet so clients can have easy access to their information whenever they need it. Our customer service teams work in tandem with our CRM (customer resource management) system to ensure that you never missed an inspection interval.

Response Time:

When issue arises, a timely response is absolutely necessary. AFP has four offices located throughout the New Jersey/New York area with qualified technicians on call 24/7.

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