Did you know that kitchen fires are the leading cause of structural fire damage in the United States? Commercial kitchens are required to be protected with fire suppression systems. This is due to the ever-present danger of open flames, grease and hot surfaces. Buckeye has developed the Kitchen Mister System using state of the art misting technology to prevent grease fires from occurring. The design of Kitchen Mister is so simple that it eliminates complicated design requirements and costly installation errors. The simplicity of installation reduces your installation time! Kitchen Mister also has the best coverage in the industry due to its design. Here are some of the key attributes of Buckeye’s Kitchen Mister System: NO CONDUIT REQUIRED – By using Buckeye Shielded Cable no conduit is required for system inputs/outputs. NO CONDUIT & ONLY ONE ANCHOR BRACKET IN HOOD NO CORNER PULLEYS REQUIRED COLOR CODES NOZZLES – All Kitchen Mister nozzles have a unique color band for easy identification LISTING AND APPROVALS 1. Listed to Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Standard UL-300 2. Listed to Underwriters Laboratories of Canada, Inc. 3. Approved by the New York City Fire Department COA #5550 4. Complies with NFPA-96 and NFPA-17A Standards 5. CE Compliant Associated Fire Protection is a Distributor of Kitchen Mister Systems. If you have any questions, please contact our Sales Department at 866-812-3473 or info@associatedfire.com today.