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Associated Fire Protection Company History NY, NJ - Associated Fire Protection

Associated Fire Protection was started by Mr. John Straten in 1947. Mr. Straten immigrated to the United States from Germany in the 1920s. In 1941, he was employed by the Walter Kidde Company as a sales engineer. He was given the opportunity to become an independent distributor of Kidde products in 1947 and was assigned Passaic and Bergen Counties in New Jersey as his sales territories. The first shop was a rented converted garage which still stands at 313 Atlantic Street, Paterson, not far from the company’s present headquarters location.

At first, the only responsibility of a Kidde distributor was to recharge and repair portable fire extinguishers. Slowly, Kidde increased the responsibility of the distributor to include the selling of fire extinguishers, and then the selling and installation of automatic fire suppression systems. Finally, with a full engineering distributorship came the responsibility for the engineering, stocking, installing and maintaining sophisticated fire protection and suppression systems.

After Mr. Straten’s death in 1969, his son Roland took over operation of the company in 1971. Under Mr. Roland Straten, the company continued to grow. More trucks and employees were added to meet the growing volume of business. In the 1980s the company began to install Halon systems in computer rooms and data centers.

In 1986, the present 14,000 square foot warehouse and office complex was built at 100 Jackson Street, Paterson. The new facility was designed from the ground up to house a fire equipment distributor and has the most modern equipment available to fully provide for the fire protection needs of its customers.

In 1987, the company entered the sprinkler business to become one of the few companies in the New York Metro area that could engineer, install, and maintain fire alarms, sprinkler systems, clean agent fire suppression systems, and portable fire extinguishers.

Since 2000, the company continued to expand and opened additional offices in New York and Manalapan, NJ. In 2008, Roland’s son Brett Straten became President.

Associated Fire Protection’s long history is closely connected to the company’s business philosphy of forming long-term relationships with our customers.