By joining Associated Fire Protection’s Strategic Partner Program, companies can immediately expand their product offering without having to invest substantial time or resources. If your company is not installing, inspecting or servicing all types of fire protection and security equipment at your customer locations, you are missing out on extra revenue.

Maintain the direct relationship with your customer and let AFP work for you. If you currently do not offer all of the following services, the Strategic Partner Program may be right for you.

AFP provides the following services for our partners:

  • Inspection Services. AFP inspects and repairs all types of fire protection systems including:
    • Fire alarm installation, inspection and repair
    • Sprinkler system (wet, dry, foam, deluge) installation, inspection and repair
    • Fire pump, fire hydrant installation, inspection and repair
    • Backflow preventer inspections and repair
    • Clean agent (FM-200, Novec halon, carbon dioxide) installation, inspection and repair
    • Kitchen system installation, inspection and repair
    • Portable fire extinguisher installation, inspection and repair
    • DOT licensed in-shop hydrotesting, recharging and repairs of all types of cylinders
  • Parts and Smarts. Our experienced engineers can design, stamp and seal drawings for your next fire protection project. We can also provide you with equipment from Siemens, Silent Knight, Kidde-Fenwal and many other manufacturers. Our technicians can perform final terminations and programming where required.

Learn more about some of our capabilities by reviewing our recent Projects.