Property management

Property Managers face several challenges as it relates managing a portfolio of properties:

  • Finding qualified vendors that can work on all of their fire protection equipment
  • Ensuring work requests and inspections are handled in a timely manner

One Call. One Company.

A portfolio of buildings can include various types of fire protection equipment in different buildings manufactured by different vendors. Finding qualified vendors to work on all of these systems can be challenging. Working with multiple vendors also adds additional overhead. AFP has technicians that work are trained to work on a variety of different fire protection systems including fire alarm, fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and special hazard fire protection (clean agent, kitchen suppression). Portfolio managers only have to make one call for all of their fire protection needs eliminating the need for multiple service companies. Each account has a dedicated account manager so our clients have one point of contact


Inspections and service work can produce a lot of paperwork, which can be a headache for any property management company. AFP’s CRM (Customer Resource Management) system is able to keep track of all pieces of equipment, inspection dates, inspection reports, invoices and work history across multiple buildings. Information is available via our customer extranet so clients can have easy access to their information whenever they need it. Inspection reports are filled out by our technicians on tablets, which eliminates paperwork and decreases the time it takes to receive quotes, invoices and inspection reports.

Response Time. 

Property managers face tremendous pressure from owners and tenants to respond to work requests in a timely manner. If a pipe freezes or the fire alarm is going off in a building, it is important that someone responds in a timely manner. With five locations in New York and New Jersey and technicians on call 24/7, AFP has the resources to respond to an emergency or service issue in a timely manner.

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  • Alarms, extinguishers & sprinklers
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  • Central station monitoring
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