Various local codes, along with insurance company requirements, dictate that all commercial, industrial, institutional and certain multifamily residential facilities have appropriate exit and emergency lights. Additionally, facility owners are required to inspect these lights monthly and arrange for annual testing by qualified firms. An owner’s representative is required to inspect, at least monthly, all exit and emergency lights and perform a 30-second functional test on all battery powered fixtures.

On an annual basis, a full functional test on every battery-powered unit is required.

Complete inspection tasks include:

  • Full load test
  • Check battery and lens for corrosion
  • Clean unit and lens
  • Adjust beam for proper alignment
  • Check charging system voltage
  • Check battery voltage output

In the absence of available personnel, AFP can perform the monthly inspections and/or the annual test and make any necessary repairs for exit lighting and emergency lighting.

AFP offers emergency and exit lighting inspections and maintenance as part of our integrated inspection and testing agreement program. The emergency and exit lights can be tested at the same time other fire protection systems are tested.