We understand that safety is the number one priority at schools and universities.

Facility managers at educational institutions are faced with several challenges when it comes to fire protection: scheduling challenges, false alarms and response times.

Scheduling. AFP recognizes that the bulk of repairs and inspections at schools and universities must be done before students return from summer break. While school is in session our teams work with facilities to schedule around class schedules should the need arise. We understand that we need to be flexible and things can change on day to day basis.

False Alarms. In any building that is frequented by students there is the potential for unintentional and intentional false alarms. We work with facility managers in order to minimize false alarms.

Response Times. Should a false alarm occur or any other issues requiring emergency response, AFP has teams of technicians that are always on call. With five locations in New York and New Jersey and technicians on call 24/7, AFP has the resources to respond to an emergency or service issue in a timely manner.