Maintaining a warehousing or manufacturing facility can be a challenging task. When it comes to protecting warehousing and manufacturing facilities, typical fire protection challenges include: changes in occupancy and storage, harsh environments and minimizing downtime.


Occupancy and Storage. The products that are stored in warehouses are constantly changing. The type of product and how it is stored will affect the how the fire protection system is designed. Issues arise when a warehouse changes hands and/or the type of product stored in a warehouse changes. AFP engineers work with our customers to make sure their space is properly protected depending on use and occupancy.

Harsh Environments. From frozen foods to flammable liquid storage, these environments can be harsh on equipment. It is important to make sure the fire protection systems are properly designed to withstand the elements.

Minimizing Downtime. When a fire breaks out or there is a service issue, AFP understands it is important to minimize downtime. With five locations in New York and New Jersey and technicians on call 24/7, AFP has the resources to respond to an emergency or service issue in a timely manner.