As a full-service company, AFP understands the importance of protecting your facility against fire while ensuring that your system functions when required. Our trained engineers design fire protection systems that detect and respond to fire conditions to ensure minimal damage to your facility and the absolute lowest possible downtime, letting you get back up and running quickly.

We install all types of sprinkler systems, fire pumps, fire alarm systems, clean agent systems, kitchen systems and industrial dry chemical systems. For a full list of fire protection systems that we install click here.

Key benefits that separate AFP from the competition:

  • One Call. One Company. Our installation department and engineering teams work together to make sure that your system is installed according to the designed specifications.
  • Experienced Technicians. Our technicians are constantly tested and trained, so you can be assured that your project will be competently completed as quickly as possible
  • Experienced Engineers. Not all engineers are alike. AFP engineers have studied fire protection engineering and have many years of real-world experience working on a multitude of fire protection projects. A dedicated engineer is assigned to each project we undertake.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) provides comprehensive information on NFPA 13 which is industry benchmark for design and installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems.

Learn more about some of our engineering capabilities by visiting Recent Projects