Providing fire protection to an area where fire is a normal occurrence requires specialized equipment. Our goal is to make sure your kitchen fire suppression system work when – and only when – it is required, helping to keep your business cooking.

AFP is a certified master distributor for Kidde, Buckeye and also works with all major kitchen suppression systems, including Amerex, Ansul, Range Guard, etc.

Our qualified teams are ready to handle all types of kitchen fire suppression equipment:

  • Large and Small Kitchen Systems
  • Seasonal Kitchen Systems
  • UL 300 Systems
  • Wet Chemical Systems

New Systems: AFP installs and maintains systems that meet the UL 300 standard and complies with NFPA Standards 96 and 17A. Over the years we have performed hundreds of kitchen system installations.

Existing Systems: Our inspection and repair teams work to keep your system functioning as it was designed.

Inspection Interval: 6 months

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) provides comprehensive information on NFPA 96 which provides preventive and operative fire safety requirements intended to reduce the potential fire hazard of both public and private commercial cooking operations.