Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Fire extinguishers are the first line of defense toward protecting yourself and your property from a fire.  Associated Fire Protection is an industry leader in providing businesses of all sizes with installing the proper type of fire extinguishers along with all required inspections and maintenance.  NFPA 10 sets the standard for inspection and maintenance for all fire extinguishers,  and  AFP strictly abides by those requirements in order to keep your business and property safe.    Keeping these essential fire protection components ready in the event of an emergency is one of our key goals.


AFP’s Key Benefits:

  • Inspection Reminders. AFP provides all customers with worry free maintenance and inspection reminders for all of your fire protection systems, including fire extinguishers.  Customers can receive an email, phone call or both to remind them of upcoming scheduled inspections and required maintenance. Our computer system keeps track of all your system information, ensuring that you are notified and remain compliant with all jurisdictional and regulatory standards. (view sample customer).
  • Service.  At AFP, we understand that each business is unique.  We offer different levels of service and contract options for your fire protection safety needs. 
  • Certified Testing and Inspection Facility.  AFP technicians will inspect your fire extinguishers at your business, or you are welcome to drop them off at our headquarters where we maintain a Department of Transportation federally certified testing, maintenance and inspection facility.



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We can perform emergency repairs or inspections on many different types of fire protection systems.

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