Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Fire extinguishers prevent small fires from becoming big fires. Keeping these essential fire protection components ready with regular fire extinguisher inspection is one of our key goals.

The first line of defense against fire is a properly maintained and inspected fire extinguisher. Business owners have depended on Associated Fire Protection (AFP) for over 60 years to help keep their employees safe. When purchasing a new fire extinguisher, businesses turn to AFP for advice on what type and how many fire extinguishers are required by code.

AFP’s Key Benefits:

  • DOT Testing Facility. AFP technicians will inspect your fire extinguishers at your business or you are welcome to drop them off at our facility.
  • Inspection Reminders. Customers can receive an email, phone call or both to remind them of upcoming inspections. Our computer system keeps track of all your system information so you never have to worry about missing a fire extinguisher inspection. (view sample customer).
  • Online Inspection Reports. Our inspectors perform fire extinguisher inspections according to NFPA 10 guidelines. We also create a detailed location list documenting the location of each fire extinguisher and when each fire extinguisher is due for inspection.
  • Budgeting. We do our best to manage our customer expectations. Because we know when each extinguisher is due for inspection, we can give you a budget for any timeframe you require.