FE-13 Clean Agent Systems

  • FE-13 (HFC-23 NFPA 2001 designation) is an efficient clean agent fire suppressant utilized in various environments that require fire protection while minimizing the risk of collateral damage from fires.
  • At 25 feet, FE-13 has a greater ceiling height limit than FM-200, allowing it to be used in a wider range of applications.
  • FE-13 is also a great inerting agent for occupied environments. It is able to be used in occupied spaces since it is effective well below any adverse concentrations and will not displace as much oxygen as other clean agents. FE-13 has no cleanup, which eliminates costly downtime.


Applications: FE-13 is used mainly on Class A, B, and C fires and is excellent for protecting high-value assets with no harmful decomposition products, cleanup or electrical conductivity. FE-13 is an effective Halon 1301 replacement for high ceiling or cold environment applications. Some typical applications include industrial high ceiling spaces, locomotives, unheated storage areas, and oil platforms. It should be noted that FE-13 is reactive with some metals.

Operation: Upon discharge, the FE-13 is discharged as a gas through the nozzles to a predetermined concentration, usually 18%-20% within 10 seconds. The FE-13 extinguishes the fire through a cooling effect at the molecular level. (The agent cools the combustion process, thereby, extinguishing the fire.) The system can be activated by smoke, infrared, or ultraviolet detectors, and manual pull stations.

Technical Specifications:

  • Manufactured by Dupont
  • Active Agent: HFC-23
  • Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP): Zero
  • Acceptable under the EPA Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP)
  • Limitations: Enclosure Integrity
  • Approximate Agent Needed: Amount of FE-13 agent = (0.0438)(Volume of protected space in Cubic Feet (FT3))
  • The conversion factor is dependent upon several variables such as: elevation, products protected, temperature, and concentration required.




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