FM-200 Clean Agent Systems

FM-200 / Sinorix 227 is a clean fire suppression agent, ideal for the protection of any facility containing valuable assets vital to the company’s ability to conduct normal business operations. FM-200 has no cleanup, eliminating costly downtime. It is safe for occupied areas because it is effective well below any adverse concentrations and does not displace as much oxygen as many other clean agents. FM-200 is gaining wide acceptance as one of the best alternative to Halon 1301.

Applications: Suitable for use on Class A, B, and C fires in data processing centers, telephone rooms, computer areas, laboratories, museums, robotics, cleanrooms, and boat engine rooms.

Operation: The system can be activated by smoke, infrared, or ultraviolet detectors or manual pull stations. In certain marine applications, it can be activated by a fusible link. Upon activation, FM-200 is discharged as a liquid through the nozzles to a predetermined concentration, usually 7% within 10 seconds. The FM-200 extinguishes the fire through a cooling affect at the molecular level. (The agent cools the combustion product, thereby extinguishing the fire).

Technical Specifications:

  • Manufactured by Great Lakes Chemical
  • Active Agent: HFC-227 (CF3)(CHF)(CF3)
  • Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP): Zero
  • Acceptable under the EPA Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP)
  • Safe concentrations based on the Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) method, which establishes safer concentration levels through exposure times and levels
  • Agent is stored in steel containers at 360 psig and at 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Limitations: ceiling height, enclosure integrity
  • Approximate Agent Needed
  • Amount of FM-200 agent = (0.0352)(Volume of protected space in Cubic Feet (FT3))
  • The conversion factor is dependent upon several variables such as: elevation, products protected, temperature, and concentration required.

Applicable Codes and Standards: NFPA 2001, 70, 72; ANSI C-2; 29 CFR 1910 subpart S; IBC; NJ Fire Code F-510.0



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