Water Mist Clean Agent Systems

A Water Mist fire suppression system is an effective, environmentally-friendly fire protection option for a multitude of fire hazards. Water mist systems split up water into very small droplets, creating a large reaction surface and, therefore, efficiently absorbing the heat of the fire. Because only small amounts of water are required, water damage is reduced to a minimum.

Applications: The combination of rapid cooling and effective smoke level reduction makes a Water Mist system an ideal solution in occupied spaces. To minimize loss and down time, water mist system nozzles use very fine droplets for fighting fires, washing out acids and scrubbing out smoke particles. The wide variety of applications include: gas turbines, cable tunnels, local protection, museums, EDP rooms, engine test cells, generators, clean rooms, offices, and hotels.

Operation: Can be activated immediately after the detection of a fire without any prewarning time. Detectors can be used for activation as well as fast response glass bulbs.

Technical Specifications:

  • Active Agent: Water
  • No adverse effect on the environment
  • Extinguishment occurs at a harmless oxygen concentration of approximately 16 to 18% by volume

Applicable Codes and Standards: NFPA 750

Testing & Inspecting Requirements: Quarterly