Sprinkler Installation: Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany and Company

Site: Tiffany & Co. Customer Service Center

Site Location: Parsippany, NJ

Site Description: Customer Service/Fulfillment Center (Offices & Warehouse)

Project Overview: Installation of Sprinkler Systems

“Associated Fire Protection has been involved in sprinkler system installations and maintenance in my facility. They have done an excellent job – no leaks! Their crew arrives and departs on time, and they always clean up after the job.”

– Dave Hoyle (Building Operations Supervisor)

Engineering Phase:

The study provided an analysis that determined the effectiveness of the existing fire protection system covering product packaging and new storage (shelving) areas in the warehouse. Particular attention was paid to the type of material (plastic) stored in the area and the current inadequate ceiling sprinkler density. Study results indicated a need for two new sprinkler systems to bring the protected area up to NFPA 13 and Factory Mutual design criteria as specified by Frenkel & Co. Insurance.

Installation Phase:

Packaging area: 4-inch sprinkler riser in a standard tree configuration pipe layout.

Shelving area: 6-inch sprinkler riser under gridded pipe configuration.