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We work with end-users to design and install the entire project “soup to nuts.” Additionally, we work with contractors providing “parts and smarts” where we provide engineering, equipment and programming if required. You can find more about contractor services in our Partner Program.


Sound engineering design is the essence of every fire protection project we undertake. It is critical to the effectiveness of a fire protection system.

Our experienced Engineering Department conducts detailed studies to determine the optimum approach to providing the correct system application that will cost-effectively meet the specific fire protection requirement.

Key reasons to choose AFP for your next engineering project:

Fire Protection Engineers on Staff. Not all engineers are alike. AFP engineers have studied fire protection engineering and have many years of real-world experience working on a multitude of fire protection projects.
Professional Engineers review, sign and seal all drawings.

Code Knowledge. Our engineers have an in-depth knowledge of local, state and federal codes. They make it a priority to stay up to date with all code changes by attending industry association meetings and reading up on the latest literature.

Mediators. Our engineers consult with insurance companies and local fire officials to make sure that our clients’ interests are properly represented in any project.

Project Management. A dedicated engineer is assigned to each project we undertake. Every project follows AFP’s strict project management guidelines to ensure that each project is on time, on spec and on budget. Our engineers often go into the field to make sure each job is installed correctly.