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Clean Agent Systems

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems NY, NJ - Associated Fire Protection
AFP began installing clean agent systems in 1947. We understand that high value and sensitive areas require a different approach to fire protection.Whether you need to protect priceless artwork or valuable computer data, clean agent systems are designed to quickly suppress a fire while minimizing the damage that can be caused by water based sprinkler systems. This means reduced collateral damage AND a rapid recovery after a fire.
Our qualified teams are ready to handle all types of clean agent suppression equipment:

New Systems: Our engineers can help engineer efficient systems, while our experienced installation teams are trained in the latest techniques to get your new system up and running.Existing Systems: To keep your system performing as new, our inspection and repair teams work to keep your system functioning as it was designed. We offer 24-hour emergency service and operate a full service refilling station to get your systems back online quickly.